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The Crossroads Tradition of Wicca was founded with the formation of Crossroads Tabernacle Church in May of 2008.  The members of the Tradition and Church have been active members of the Wiccan faith for over two decades.

The Crossroads Tradition is inspired and guided by the Tabernacle Tradition and the Church is an affiliate of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church.  Details on their history can be found here.

Crossroads is based on English Traditional Wicca with an emphasis on open worship, education and interfaith opportunities, with the goal of providing the traditional religious infrastructure common to most faiths but not often available to Pagans and Wiccans.  It is our goal to provide the Pagan and Wiccan community a place that is accepting and safe for them to gather for worship, a gathering place for celebration and community, a place where they can learn and grow in their faith, a place where they can give and receive healing.

Spirituality is not something to be "hoarded" or kept from any true Seekers.  Because of this, Crossroads Tabernacle Church, instead of being a traditionally "exclusive" organization, was created from the very beginning to be open and welcoming to all sincere seekers.  Our Tradition is independent from any others.  Other groups feel that a long and distinguished craft "lineage" is important to them, and rightly so.  We, however, prefer to stand on our own merits and accomplishments.

We also do not define ourselves by who we do not let join in; all sincere seekers are welcome to join the church in worship and study, and to become members.  While every member is considered a priestess or priest, to be ordained as Clergy and able to minister to the public, unlike other traditions, one must undergo an extensive training programme, including Wiccan theology, ritualcraft and pastoral care.  We prefer that those seeking ordination attend a 4 year seminary program culminating in the award of a Bachelor of Ministry degree, such as that offered by the Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary, which has recognized college level religious education status by the Higher Education Coordinating Board of State of Washington. We do not intend to try to tell anyone how they should conduct their own clergy training, but we are fully committed to the professionalization of the clergy of our Tradition if they are to undertake matters as serious and delicate as pastoral counseling in the areas of life strategies, marital problems and psychological and childhood trauma.

The Crossroads Tradition is "a new, home-grown tradition of American Wicca focused on serving the larger Wiccan and Pagan communities".

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