Lunar Rituals

Wiccans observe two natural cycles as part of their worship.  These two cycles are the Phases of the Moon and the Wheel of the Year.

The Moon, as a representation of the Goddess, is commonly honored in three phases:

Three days after the Dark Moon is Diana's Bow, when the moon is just a crescent in the sky.  Here we hold ritual to honor Diana, eternal Maiden and Huntress.

The Full Moon celebrates the Goddess in her role as Mother of Creation.  This ritual, often called an Esbat, is the one many Wiccans are familiar with.

Dark of Moon (often referred to as the New Moon), when the Moon is invisible to the naked eye.  Here we celebrate the Goddess in her Crone aspect.

We celebrate the Lunar and Solar cycles in public ritual on the Saturday closest to the event.  Check the calendar for dates and times, or subscribe to our yahoogroups list for announcements.

1 Full Moon
2 Diana's Bow
3 Dark of Moon
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