Our newsletter, The Compass Rose, is published on a schedule to correspond with the eight Sabbats.

Submission Guidelines

The Compass Rose is a journal of Wiccan and Neo-Pagan religious articles and news.  Crossroads Tabernacle Church is English-traditional based Wicca with a special emphasis on training and standards for modern clergy and group religious practice.  As the official Journal for the Church, The Compass Rose presents a broad sampling of thoughts and ideas on the contemporary Pagan movement, and especially on the trend toward open, publicly accessible worship.  All submissions are welcome.  We do not shy away from controversial subjects; however, we will not published items either aimed at injuring others, or having a completely negative orientation to the subject being addressed.Of particular interest are: articles, cartoons, quotes and the like which focus on the subjects of public worship, Interfaith activities (with other religions as well as other Pagan groups), clergy training, counseling resources, and professionalizing the Wiccan clergy.  Especially welcome are articles dealing with (positive, hopefully) interactions and experiences you may have had with mainstream religion, the government, or similar non-Pagan groups.

Length and format of submissions should be 300-500 words, typewritten, preferably in electronic format and may be submitted via email or postal mail.  Submissions are welcome in virtually any document format (Windows or Macintosh), but it is preferred that Normal text, with no special fonts, be used.  If you desire your materials to be returned, they should be accompanied with a self-addressed envelope stamped with the proper amount of postage.  Handwritten manuscripts will not be considered.

We edit for style as well as content, occasionally expanding or clarifying as necessary. If you are sensitive to editing, please indicate and we will act accordingly.  We do not guarantee the piece will be used if it is not practical for us to meet your requirements.  We appreciate your submissions and will try to respect your wishes.

Artwork, cartoons and quotes are very welcome.  We must cite sources so please indicate who the copyright owner is with a name, address and year so we can properly secure those rights for publication.  If the item is taken from elsewhere (newspaper, publication, etc.) you must give the name of the publication or person owning the copyright, year of first publication/creation, the name of the work and author being quoted, and any other pertinent information that would enable recognition and acknowledgement of the source. Artwork should be submitted either as originals, slides, or JPEG format. Care will be taken to protect originals from loss, but digital images are preferred.  Include packaging & postage for returns.

Deadlines for submissions are 1 month prior to the publication dates, which are the 8 major holidays of Paganism.  Publication dates are nominally February 1, March 21, May 1, June 21, August 1, September 21, October 31, and December 21.  All editorial materials for the upcoming issue must be in our hands at least 1 month prior to those dates.

Payment to authors is a hard copy of the publication in which your piece appears.  We apologize, but we do not have funds to provide cash payment.

We may not be able to print everything we receive in a particular issue.  In that event, we would like to hold material that is better suited to a later issue or different season of the year.  If that should happen, we will let you know.

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to receiving submissions from you!

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