Youth Ministry

Moon School

Children between the ages of four and twelve can learn about the Craft through a regular curriculum that will teach kids about:

  • The Wiccan Rede
  • Moon Cycles
  • The Wheel of the Year
  • Magical Tools
  • Spell work for kids

Children will create a personal Book of Shadows throughout the year that collects their work.  We will learn through craft projects, chants, stories, and discussion.  Parents are encouraged to talk with their children about what they are learning and reinforce their own family‚Äôs beliefs.

Moon School classes are held prior to each of the Crossroads Tabernacle Church Rituals.

Youth Group

Teens, thirteen to eighteen, can participate in a group program designed to provide them guidance on developing their own relationship with the divine.  Those entering the group will undergo a rite of passage that challenges them to begin their journey to adulthood.  Likewise those members who are seventeen and eighteen years of age and have studied for one turn of the wheel can petition the High Priest and Priestess for a rite of passage that will make them an adult member of the community. 

The Youth Group will participate in a group setting with projects and community involvement.  They will also be active in an individualized study program tailored to their level of knowledge.  At this level, they will seek to live by the Wiccan Rede as well understand the importance of the Witches Pyramid on their spiritual practice.

Rites of Passage

As our children develop it is important to acknowledge their growth and achievement.  We can do this by challenging them to take responsibility for their own life decisions.  A rite of passage is given to those who are progressing to the next stage of their life.  For children who are becoming adolescents this rite will ask them to make a conscience decision to study the Craft before undertaking any initiation into the mysteries of Witchcraft.  For those who are advancing into true adulthood, this rite will be both their decision to become adults of the Church as well initiates of spiritual journey they have committed to taking.  As a community we can support these efforts by volunteering to be part of these rites, or support those who have chosen to participate in them.


Latest News

As Crossroads Tabernacle Church has always sought to be not just a Wiccan church, but also a church of Earth-based spirituality, it is with great joy that I am able to announce a new step that we have taken towards inclusivity of other paths to the Gods.

Let it be known that on the 28th of March, year 2015 of the Common Era, Timothy Paul Schneider, having performed the duties required of him, and having heard and acknowledged the call to clergy from the Gods, Ancestors, and spirits, has been duly accepted into the clergy of the Crossroads Tabernacle Church as a Pagan priest. We recognise his standing within the Northern Tradition and Heathen communities to perform those rites as are meet for such standing by that path, and welcome him as an ordained member of our clergy, able to perform all duties and public rites as described within the Ordains of the church.

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