An important part of the Crossroads Tradition is interfaith work.  By participating in the larger faith community, Wiccans and other Pagans show by their actions that theirs is a faith that deserves the same recognition and respect that the mainstream faiths take for granted.

An excellent example is our work with Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice, where members of the church have been involved in the Crop Walk as well as Climate Change and other committees.  Most recently, our own HPS Aine Keefer was invited to speak at a press conference on the importance of creating strong legislation to prevent and correct climate change.  A video can be seen below!

(Note: the applause is much louder than the speakers.  Aine is about 15 minutes in.)

A link to the ICPJ webpage with more info, as well as a copy of the letter spoken of in the conference, can be found here.  As a part of this initiatve, Crossroads was instrumental in contacting leaders of multiple Pagan faith communities and encouraging them to participate. 

The text for Aine's speech is below:

Climate change affects every one of us. Rising oceans, melting polar ice and El Niño pay no attention to what God or Gods you believe in or how you think the Earth came to be. Today. This minute. Mother Earth calls to us – Creation calls to us to action – to restore and preserve the air that we breathe, the water we drink, the sacred Earth that feeds and shelters us.


Every day, millions of tons of pollution are released into the environment, millions of dollars are spent on foreign oil and fifteen million Americans are without jobs – over half a million of them right here in Michigan!

Acting to correct climate change will have far-reaching effects, not just safeguarding our future, but also helping our economy, increasing our security and putting our people to work doing what we do best – building and innovating to create a brighter future.

Clean energy has already created more than one hundred thousand jobs in Michigan and has the potential to create almost two million more across the country if strong legislation is enacted to wean this nation off foreign oil and dangerous, polluting forms of energy.

I am honoured to join my voice with interfaith organisations working for social and environmental justice and leaders of myriad faiths from across the state in this call for clean energy and climate policy that creates American jobs, benefits American businesses and protects American citizens.

Why are faith leaders so concerned about climate change? For some, there is the call to Stewardship, for others, reverence of the Divine force that created this world. For me and others of my faith, there is a sacred duty to heal and protect Holy Mother Earth. But beyond such esoteric concerns lies the duty of justice that all spiritual paths teach... addressing climate change is a moral imperative because the people most affected by climate change are the ones least empowered to combat it.

This is why I am here today, calling upon Senators Levin and Stabenow to support strong, fair legislation to address climate change... to protect our families, to restore and protect our Earth and to put Michiganians back to work.




Latest News

As Crossroads Tabernacle Church has always sought to be not just a Wiccan church, but also a church of Earth-based spirituality, it is with great joy that I am able to announce a new step that we have taken towards inclusivity of other paths to the Gods.

Let it be known that on the 28th of March, year 2015 of the Common Era, Timothy Paul Schneider, having performed the duties required of him, and having heard and acknowledged the call to clergy from the Gods, Ancestors, and spirits, has been duly accepted into the clergy of the Crossroads Tabernacle Church as a Pagan priest. We recognise his standing within the Northern Tradition and Heathen communities to perform those rites as are meet for such standing by that path, and welcome him as an ordained member of our clergy, able to perform all duties and public rites as described within the Ordains of the church.

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