Mabon is the fall equinox, once again a time of balance. The days and nights are equal in length, but the dark continues to rise, soon balance is lost again. This is also the second harvest, the apple, berry, vine and nut harvest, the fruit of the trees and bushes. The bounty of the earth continues, but this harvest is of things that are closer to the wild. The days of tamed cultivation, tamed green land, are drawing to a close. Soon it will be the time of the dark, the time of the wild and untamed. We are drawing away, waning, going toward the inner. This is a time of thanksgiving, of Thanksgiving. We honor the fruits of the field, the fruits of the vine, the fruits of the wild. We thank the Goddess and God. We are preparing, preparing for the dark. Mabon means “son.” In Welsh mythology, Mabon was the son of Modron. Modron means “Mother.” Mabon ap Modron was Son, son of Mother. In Celtic tradition Mabon is similar to the Greek Persephone. He disappears from earth and his mother only to return mature. This is cyclic, and like the Persephone Demeter myth, is seasonal as well with spring and fertility returning when Mabon does. Autumn is when he disappears again as do the things of the growing earth.

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